No False Advertising

No False Advertising

Unlike other industries, there is NO single governing body in the world that regulates the human hair industry till now. This causes that the human hair industry has always been as chaotic as the Wild West.

In addition, most people do not have the ability to distinguish good hair from bad just by looking and touching it.

In this case, a lot of dishonest hair suppliers knowingly falsely advertise their hair products to make a quick buck.

At iGoddessHair, we promise that all of our Ponytail hair products are genuinely made with females' ponytails#1  that are collected directly from donors' heads. Which are truly the best hair products in the hair market.

And all of our hair products are covered by our "After-Installation Warranty".

#1 The ponytails are collected directly from females' heads and cut while the hair is banded. This collection process guarantees that all the cuticles of the hair strands 100% NATURALLY flow in the same direction from root to tip....[Read More]

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