iGoddessHair Wholesale Price List

Updated August 10, 2022

Starting from August 9th, 2022, the limit of 1,000 US dollars for wholesale MOQ was lifted. That is, from August 9th, 2022, all orders, regardless of order volume, will be calculated at wholesale prices.

Accordingly, from August 9th, our website prices (www.igoddesshair.cn) were adjusted to wholesale prices from the previous standard prices.


1. Wholesale MOQ: $1,000 in total (allow to mix and match)


2. Wholesale Prices:

  • Bundle
  • Closure
  • Frontal
  • Wig


3. Long-Bundle Surcharge

The longe hair material has been in short supply for a long time, and it's expected that the shortage will become more and more serious.

To reduce the sold-out chances, we create the "Long-Bundle Surcharge" to control the sales ratio of long bundles, details as below:

    • The bundles longer than 20'' are considered long bundles.
    • When the proportion of LONG bundles in your order crosses 40%, a "Long-Bundle Surcharge" will apply: Long-Bundle Surcharge = [Number of Long Bundles - (Total Number of Bundles*40%)] * $8
    • For Example: If you order 100 bundles in total, and the number of the bundles longer than 20'' is 50, then you will be charged a surchage of $80, because [50-(100*40%)] * 8= 80.

* The "Long-Bundle Surcharge" policy is only applicable to the wholesale prices orders temporarily.


4. 4% Discount

We could give another 4% discount on our wholesale prices if you could pay through Western Union/Moneygram.

*1 Besides saving us some PayPal fees, Western Union/Moneygram can also speed up our capital turnover.

*2 Click to check how to make payment through Western Union or MoneyGram.


5. Wholesale Order Shipping Rates:

Please click here to check the wholesale order shipping rates


6. Wholesale Order Packing:

We provide personalized packing service for wholesale orders: 👇

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