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iGoddessHair Wholesale Price List

1. Wholesale MOQ:

$1,000 in total (allow to mix and match).

When your order is over $1,000 in total based on our standard price, we will write you a PayPal invoice for the transaction and calculate your order according to our wholesale prices instead.

* When your order is less than $1,000, please place your order on our website directly with our standard prices.😘

* When you are ready to order in wholesale, please email or WhatsApp your order details to us, then we will write you a PayPal invoice for the transaction.


2. Wholesale Prices:

  • Bundle
  • Closure
  • Frontal
  • Wig


3. Long-Bundle Surcharge

The longe hair material has been in short supply for a long time, and it's expected that the shortage will become more and more serious.

To reduce the sold-out chances, we create the "Long-Bundle Surcharge" to control the sales ratio of long bundles, details as below:

    • The bundles longer than 20'' are considered long bundles.
    • When the proportion of LONG bundles in your order crosses 40%, a "Long-Bundle Surcharge" will apply: Long-Bundle Surcharge = [Number of Long Bundles - (Total Number of Bundles*40%)] * $8
    • For Example: If you order 100 bundles in total, and the number of the bundles longer than 20'' is 50, then you will be charged a surchage of $80, because [50-(100*40%)] * 8= 80.

* The "Long-Bundle Surcharge" policy is only applicable to the wholesale prices orders temporarily.


4. 4% Discount

We could give another 4% discount on our wholesale prices if you could pay through Western Union/Moneygram.

*1 Besides saving us some PayPal fees, Western Union/Moneygram can also speed up our capital turnover.

*2 Click to check how to make payment through Western Union or MoneyGram.


5. Wholesale Order Shipping Rates:

Please click here to check the wholesale order shipping rates


6. Wholesale Order Packing:

We provide personalized packing service for wholesale orders: 👇

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