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1. Order in bulk or regularly to have our wholesale prices


Monthly Order Volume


$1,000 US or lower

Standard Price

Higher than $1,000 US

Wholesale Price

2. Annotations

#1) If you are placing an order over $1,000 US, you could have our wholesale price directly.

#2) You also could have our wholesale prices when ordering regularly (Monthly order volume is over $1,000 US).

For example, in May 2019, your first order is $200, the second order is $500, the third order is $300. Then after the third order in May 2019, all of your orders could have our wholesale prices.



#3) We will sum up all of your orders monthly when you are having our wholesale prices. Your orders will not qualify for the wholesale prices if your order volume in the past month is less than $1,000 US.

3. When your order is qualified for our wholesale prices, please email your order details to us.

Then we will write you a PayPal invoice according to our wholesale prices for your order.


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