Glad to see that you are interested in wholesale!


1. Wholesale MOQ:

The orders with a total of more than $1,000 (based on our standard prices) are considered wholesale orders.

* When your order is less than $1,000, please place your order on our website directly with our standard prices.😘


2. Wholesale Price:

We only disclose our wholesale prices to the customers who already sampled our hair:

    • In this chaotic hair market like the Wild West, we hope the customers could sample our hair first before inquiring our wholesale prices. After all, it makes no sense to talk about price without knowing the quality.
    • Besides, in this chaotic hair market, doing a test before purchasing in bulk is absolutely necessary. If the customer did not even see our hair before, we don't think the wholesale inquiry is serious.

*1 Please place your sample order on our webiste directly. And you could send the sample products back in their original condition for a FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied with them after inspecting. 

*2 If you sampled our hair already and would like to purchase in bulk, please contact us for the wholesale prices.


3. Wholesale Orders Packing:

    • Like your bundles to be wrapped with a cute rubber band (like pink or other colors)?
    • Like your hair products to be packed with your private wraps/tags?
    • Like your hair to be labeled in the name of "Virgin Hair" instead of "Ponytail Hair"?

We could do those for you!👆


4. Stock Photos:

Please click here if you need stock photos.

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