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Why Don't We Put The Ponytail Hair Lace Product Stock-Ready As Before?

We all know that the production of hair lace products is a labor-intensive process.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, all Chinese hair factories got their lace products made in North Korea to save on labor costs.

Now with the border of North Korea sealed due to the COVID-19, all the lace products can only be produced in China currently, which causes that the cost of lace products increases A LOT!

For the lace products that have a 150%+ density (like our Ponytail Hair Lace Products), the cost increase is even crazier.

In order to reduce the risk of huge loss caused by the cost fluctuation, we decide to provide PRODUCE-ON-ORDER service only (shipping-out time 2-3 weeks) for the Ponytail Hair Lace Products currently, till the day when the cost goes back to normal.

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