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Why There Is A Shortage On Lace Products?

Updated June 10, 2020


Our Lace Frontals/ Silk Base Closures/ Full Lace Wigs have been completely depleted already. And it's foreseeable that our Swiss Lace Closures will be depleted in the near future.

But we are not the only hair supplier who is short in lace products. Actually, a serious shortage on lace products is happening to the whole hair industry now.

How does that happen?

It's all because the border of North Korea is shut down since Jan. 22nd 2020 due to the COVID-19.

A lot of people are deeply curious: What does North Korea have to do with the lace products?

Well, the truth is that nearly all LACE PRODUCTS in the market are made in North Korea.

We all know the production of lace products is a labor-intensive process. To save on labor costs, all Chinese hair factories got their lace products made in North Korea in the past. With the border of North Korea sealed, the production of lace products was completely stopped.

All of the hair suppliers are very anxious about the current situation, and working hard to figure out a way to resume the production of lace products.

We will update when there is any news about lace products.

*PS: The production of bundles is not affected. We have sufficient stock of bundles as usual.

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