iGoddessHair Affiliate Program

Since we started to sell hair products online on 2010, a lot of stylists/beauty influencers voluntarily recommend and promote iGoddessHair to their followers after using our hair products. We are sincerely and deeply grateful for that!

From August 24, 2022, our affiliate program will officially take effect. Promoting for iGoddessHair will be rewarded.
How it works

▪️ Apply to our affiliate program and get a custom unique affiliate link.

▪️ Drive traffic to iGoddessHair through your unique affiliate link.

▪️ Earn 5% commission on all the orders placed through your affiliate link.


01. Why your commission is 5% only when others have 20% or even more?

Based on our current website prices, the profit margin of our hair products is between 9%-12%. Your followers/audience could get the most competitive prices and best service from iGoddessHair. But 5% is the most we could offer for the affiliate commission.


02. Do my followers/audience have any discount if they purchase through my unique affiliate link?

Yes, to encourage your followers/audience to purchase through your custom affiliate link, the affiliate link we create for you will be a discount link as well. Anyone who purchases through your unique affiliate link gets $5 off each order.


03. How will I track my commissions?

All the orders placed through your unique affiliate link will be recorded automatically by our system. And we will report your commission details to you at the end of each month, and pay you the commission before the 3rd of the upcoming month.

You also could request to check your commission details at any time you want through service@igoddesshair.cn



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