Truth & Lies About Hair

  • Raw Hair?

    When it comes to the hair industry, it seems like there is always something new popping up. The latest trend has been raw hair...

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  • Single Donor Hair?

    A lot of hair sellers claim that each bundle of their hair is from a single donor. It's highly probable that it's a false advertisement!...

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  • Grade 10A Hair?

    Theoretically, the higher the letter rating, the better quality the products are. So, 10A hair would be considered the “best” hair, correct? But in reality, it is just a theory!...

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  • Why we name our hair "Ponytail Hair", "Machine-Aligned Hair"?

    When we just started our hair business (2010), "Remy Hair" refers to the best hair. But as so many hair companies knowingly lied about their product being "Remy", hair buyers think "Remy Hair" is cheap hair gradually. Which sparked the boom to create a new marketing term called "Virgin Hair"...

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  • Why do the Ponytail Hair and Machine-Aligned Hair look almost the same from the video/picture?

    Just by looking or touching, most people can’t even distinguish between the Ponytail Hair and the Silicon-Coated Hair, not to mention the Ponytail Hair and the Machine-Aligned Hair...

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Ponytail Hair

Machine-Aligned Hair

Customize Wig

Choose your preferred bundles, lace piece, cap size, elastic band, combs, etc. to make your personalized wig.


Premade Wig

Tape-Ins, Clip-Ins And More...

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  • "I get compliments on your hair all the time and I definitely refer this company."

    @raechellashawn (Instagram)

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  • "Out of all the hair vendors I have tried, your hair is the best. I have to be honest!"



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  • "Got my curls back!! It's iGoddessHair 18'' 20'' 20'' with a 18'' lace closure."



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  • "It’s been over 2 years and my hair is still flawless!"




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01. You don't provide VIRGIN HAIR anymore?

We still provide VIRGIN HAIR.

The reason why you can't find "virgin hair" category on our website anymore was we renamed our "virgin hair" to be "Ponytail Hair" since November 20, 2020.

In other words, if you are looking for the hair which is the same quality of virgin hair you used to purchase, please choose the "Ponytail hair" category.

Please click here to check why we don't use "virgin hair" to describe our hair anymore.

02. Can your Machine-Aligned hair be dyed/bleached?

If you need to change the hair color, we always recommend our Ponytail Hair. Machine-Aligned hair does not take color as well as Ponytail hair due to the "Cuticle-Close Process"#1.

#1 What Is Cuticle-Close Process?

Cuticle-Close Process is a procedure specially for the Machine-Aligned Hair, which refers to using a softener to soften the cuticles first, and then steam them with oil, so that all the the cuticles are permanently closely laid on the hair surface from an originally branched state. This process can greaty reduce the chances of tangling caused by the hair which runs in the opposite directions. (As mentioned in this page, machine-aligning tech can only make sure 96-98% of the hair strands are placed in the same direction from root to tip.)

And Cuticle-Close Process don't strip or damage cuticles. In other words, all the hair strands are still protected by their cuticles after the cuticle-close process.

03. Can I return the hair if I am not satisfied with it?

Unlike most hair sellers have an “all sales final” policy, we have a "Installed Hair Protection Guarantee".

If your or your clients' iGoddessHair products (both Ponytails Hair & Machine-Aligned Hair) suffer from any abnormal shedding, tangling or matting after installation, we will exchange the product for you free of charge. 

Click Here to check how to make your hair eligible for the warranty.

04. Do you have sample pieces/sample packages?

We don't have hair pieces or packages specially for samples.

Please place your sample order on our website directly. And if you are not satisfied with the sample products after inspecting, you could send them back in their original condition for a FULL REFUND.

05. How do you accept payments?

Our website ( works with PayPal for processing payments.

Besides PayPal, we accept Western Union and MoneyGram. (If you like to pay with Western Union or MoneyGram, please contact us for the related information.)

06. Do you guys make hair tags or hair wraps?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information if you are in need.

07. Do you offer stock photos without a watermark?

Yes, we do. Please click here to check the related information.

* Due to the time difference, please allow 12 hours for response time.