About Us

We own a human hair products wholesale store #1 whose inventory is always over 2 million dollars.

Besides selling online for overseas customers, we also provide human hair products for a lot of domestic trade companies.

Our massive inventory not only allows us to ship quicky, but also allows us to provide a competitive prices. #2

#1 Our wholesale store is located in Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center, China. And we've been in the hair industry since 2010.

#2 Can I get a better price if I directly purchase from a factory instead?

      • A lot of the hair suppliers who claim they have a hair factory don't have a factory actually.
      • For a real factory, they all have a MOQ. And most people's order quantity is less than the factory's MOQ.
      • Even if your order quantity reaches the factory's MOQ, for the same quality hair products, the quotation you get from the factory usually will be higher than the prices we offer. Unless your order quantity is huge enough to get a price close to the one we get from the factory.