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01. Can your hair be dyed/bleached?

If you or your clients need to change the hair color, we recommend our Ponytail Hair. (For the details on the difference between our Ponytail Hair and Machine-Aligned Hair, please Click Here.)

*NOTE: Chemical treatment will make your hair ineligible for the protection of our WARRANTY.


02. Can I return the hair if I am not satisfied with it?

If you or your clients are not satisfied with the hair after receiving and inspecting, you could send the hair back in its ORIGINAL CONDITION for a full refund.

If your or your clients' hair suffers from any abnormal shedding, tangling or matting after installation, you could send the hair back for an exchange as long as it's eligible for our "After-Installation Warranty".


03. Do you ever have festival sales/discounts?

We NEVER have festival sales or discounts.

    • We have two types of price only. One is the standard prices for the orders with a total of less than $1,000, another is the wholesale prices for the orders over $1,000.
    • In order to adjust the inventory, sometimes some products are sold at special prices.


04. Do you have sample pieces/sample packages?

We don't have hair pieces or packages specially for samples.

Please place your sample order on our website directly. And if you are not satisfied with the sample products after inspecting, you could send them back in their original condition for a FULL REFUND.


05. How do you accept payments?

We mainly work with PayPal for processing payments.

Besides PayPal, we accept Western Union and MoneyGram. (If you like to pay with Western Union or MoneyGram, please contact us for the related information.)


06. Do you guys make hair tags or hair wraps?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information if you are in need.


07. Do you offer stock photos without a watermark?

Yes, we do. Please click here to check the related information.

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