What's Ponytail Hair & Machine-Aligned Hair?

We have 2 types of hair, we call them Ponytail Hair & Machine-Aligned Hair.

    • Our Ponytail Hair is the best hair in the hair market.
    • If you feel the Ponytail Hair is too costly, our Machine-Aligned Hair is the best alternate.

* Isn't raw hair the best hair? >>

* Why we name our hair "Ponytail Hair" & "Machine-Aligned Hair"? >>

* Why do the Ponytail Hair and Machine-Aligned Hair look almost the same from the video/picture?>>


Ponytail Hair

As the name suggests, the hair material of the “Ponytail Hair” is females' ponytails.

The ponytails are collected directly from females' heads and cut while the hair is banded. This collection process guarantees that all the cuticles#1 of the hair strands 100% NATURALLY flow in the same direction from root to tip.

Ponytail hair is the best hair material in the hair market. But it's scarce. And its price is getting higher and higher with the hair business is booming.

#1 What Is Cuticle?

The outside layer of a hair strand is known as the cuticle. The hair cuticle is formed from dead cells, overlapping in layers, which form scales that strengthen and protect the hair shaft.

When the cuticles of the hair strands are kept intact, the hair will have a smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance.

And when all the cuticles of the hair strands face the same direction, the hair will be tangle-free. But if the cuticles run in both directions, the hair will tangle and matte.

In a word, whether the cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction are the two most important factors to determine the hair products' quality.


Machine-Aligned Hair

In human hair products industry, most of the hair material is the hair strands that randomly run in two different directions from root to tip. After all, the ponytail hair that collected directly from females' heads is rare.

For those hair strands which randomly run in two directions but still in good condition, they will be re-aligned by a professional machine to achieve the ponytail-like result that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tips of the hair are on the opposite side#2. And that's Machine-Aligned Hair.

As for those hair strands which is in bad condtion like too dirty or tangled, they will made into Silicon-Coated Hair#3.

#2 As mentioned above, whether the cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction are the two most important factors to determine the hair products' quality.

#3 What Is Silicon-Coated Hair?

In human hair industry, Silicon-Coated Hair is the cheapest and poorest quality hair.

The material of the Silicon-Coated Hair Products is the hair which is too dirty and tangled that the hair must go through an acid bath to strip the cuticles for untangling. And since the cuticles are striped by the acid, the hair has to wear a silicon coat to achieve a silky and shiny appearance.

But the silicone is not permanent. After a few washes, the silicone coating wears off and the hair feels very brittle. Worse yet, the hair will become extremely tangled, dry, and will not hold a style. Also, since the cuticles are stripped, the hair extensions are unable to tolerate color treatment or heat.

We don’t sell Silicon-Coated Hair.


What's The Difference?

Our Ponytail Hair surely is the best hair in the hair market. Because it's kept in the most natural form.

But the Machine-Aligned Hair is your best alternate if you feel the Ponytail Hair is too costly:

    • It has a smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance like the ponytails hair since its cuticles are still intact.
    • 95-96% of its hair strands are placed in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip of the hair on the opposite side. In other words, after being re-aligned by the professional machine and skilled workers, the hair of our Machine-Aligned hair has a form closest to the natural Ponytails.


Ponytail Hair

Machine-Aligned Hair


Females' Ponytails

(100% Naturally Flow In One Direction From Root To Tip)

Regular Hair Strands

(Randomly Run In Two Different Directions Originally)



Steam Process#4


Cuticle-Close Process#5


Steam Process



(100% Naturally Flow In One Direction)


(95-96% Of The Hair Strands Run In One Direction After Being Machine-Aligned)

Color-Treatment Tolerance

Very Good


Heat Resistance

Very Good


#4 What Is Steam Process?

Steam Process refers to using hot water vapor to create a consistent curl pattern in the hair, no chemicals are used.

#5 What Is Cuticle-Close Process?

Cuticle-Close Process is a procedure specially for the Machine-Aligned Hair, which refers to using a softener to soften the cuticles first, and then steam them with oil, so that all the the cuticles are permanently closely laid on the hair surface from an originally branched state. This process can greaty reduce the chances of tangling caused by the hair which runs in the opposite directions. (As mentioned above, machine-aligning tech can only make sure 95-96% of the hair strands are placed in the same direction from root to tip.)

And Cuticle-Close Process don't strip or damage cuticles. In other words, all the hair strands are still protected by their cuticles after the cuticle-close process.


Can I distinguish them by looking or touching?

No, you can’t.

Just by looking or touching, most people can’t even distinguish between the Ponytail Hair and the Silicon-Coated Hair, not to mention the Ponytail Hair and the Machine-Aligned Hair.

But there will have tags on our hair products to help you to distinguish.

And please rest assured, we would NEVER tag/label our Machine-Aligned Hair as Ponytail Hair like those sneaky hair sellers. Since we started our hair business in 2010, being reliable is always our principle.

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