Why do the Ponytail Hair and Machine-Aligned Hair look almost the same?

Just by looking or touching, most people can’t even distinguish between the Ponytail Hair and the Silicon-Coated Hair#1, not to mention the Ponytail Hair and the Machine-Aligned Hair.

But there will have tags on our hair products to help you to distinguish.

And please rest assured, we would NEVER tag/label our Machine-Aligned Hair as Ponytail Hair like those sneaky hair sellers. Since we started our hair business in 2010, being reliable is always our principle.

#1 What Is Silicon-Coated Hair?

In human hair industry, Silicon-Coated Hair is the cheapest and poorest quality hair.

The material of the Silicon-Coated Hair Products is the hair which is so dirty and tangled that the hair must go through an acid bath to strip the cuticles for untangling. And since the cuticles are striped by the acid, the hair has to wear a silicon coat to achieve a silky and shiny appearance.

But the silicone is not permanent. After a few washes, the silicone coating wears off and the hair feels very brittle. Worse yet, the hair will become extremely tangled, dry, and will not hold a style. Also, since the cuticles are stripped, the hair extensions are unable to tolerate color treatment or heat.

We don’t sell Silicon-Coated Hair.