Customized Lace Closure/Frontal Wig

⚫ How Do We Price Our Customized Lace Closure/Frontal Wigs:

Customized Wig Price = Bundles Price + Lace Closure/Frontal Price + Processing Fee ($20/Wig)

* We will charge another $10 processing fee for the bob style.

* Shipping fee is not included.


⚫ What Information Do We Need To Make A Customized Lace Closure/Frontal Wig:

1. Bundles Information(Pattern, Lengths)

* If you’re going for a shorter style you typically only need two bundles with a closure/frontal.

* If you are going to get anything longer than 16 inches up to 20 or 22 inches, you need 3 bundles.

* When it comes to the long hair, for example, if you want your longest hair is 26 inches, we will advise you to choose 22 24 26 and 26 inches, so that there will be double up on the longest lengths and it will be fuller.

* If you want your wig to be really full, one extra bundle is recommended.

2. Lace Closure/Frontal Information

* Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the lace products are very serious short-supply currently. Please click the following links to check the inventory status of our Lace Closure/Frontal:



3. Cap Size

Cap Size


Ear To Ear

Front To Back













* We recommend the larger size if you measure in between sizes.


⚫ Please email/WhatsApp the above information (bundles information + lace products information + cap size) to us when you are ready to order your Customized Lace Closure/Frontal Wigs, then we will write a PayPal invoice for you to make the payment.

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