Why we name our hair "Ponytail Hair" & "Machine-Aligned Hair"?

When it comes to the hair industry, there is always something new popping up every several years:

    • Remy Hair - When we just started our hair business (2010), "Remy Hair" refers to the best hair. But as so many hair companies knowingly lied about their product being "Remy", hair buyers think "Remy Hair" is cheap hair gradually. Which sparked the boom to create a new marketing term called "Virgin Hair".
    • Virgin Hair - In recent years, as so many hair sellers consistently educated the hair consumers that "raw hair is the best hair", "Virgin Hair" is now considered cheap hair as well by a lot of hair buyers.
    • Raw Hair - Just like the fate of "Remy Hair" & "Virgin Hair", it's foreseeable that it will not be long before the term "Raw Hair" is abandoned, because ther term "Raw Hair" is getting more and more abused since it's created.

* For more details about Remy Hair, Virgin Hair & Raw Hair, please Click Here.

Based on this terrible industry status, we decided to stop following the trend, and use our own way to describe our hair products.

And we think "Ponytail Hair" & "Machine-Aligned Hair" are suitable to be the names of our two types of hair.

Because the material of our "Ponytail Hair" is females' ponytails, which are collected directly from females' head and  cut while the hair is banded.

While our "Machine-Aligned Hair" is the hair that was re-aligned by a professional machine to achieve the ponytail-like result that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tips of the hair are on the opposite side.