1. Feel free to place your dropshipping order directly on our website. 

As of August 8, 2022, we've adjusted our pricing policy, and all types of orders now use the same pricing, whether it's wholesale, dropshipping, or regular orders.

2. All drop shipping orders are also covered by our Installed Hair Protection Guarantee.

3. Since shipping addresses often vary in dropshipping, please remember to modify the shipping address before submitting your order.

4. You might want your drop shipping orders to have a private packaging:

5. Even if you don't opt for any private packaging, we ensure to remove all iGoddessHair branding and information when packaging your drop shipping order.

However, the shipping label on the package will indicate that it originates from Guangzhou, China.

6. Please notify us especially after placing your first dropshipping order. Then we will list you as our dropshipping customer, and all your future orders will be treated as dropshipping orders unless otherwise stated.